About Us

Friends was established in 1997. Owner Paul Johansson studied and worked in the hospitality industry for many years before deciding to open the business. He was fortunate to acquire a prime storefront location in town from his parents, who previously operated a business at that site. After completely renovating, the Café opened in 1999 and quickly developed a reputation for friendly service and fine food. By mid 2000 the Friends Tourist Center was established, providing tourists with access to scores of adventures and facilities throughout the Kingdom, as well as tours, souvenirs, and Internet access.

Company Mission Statement

Friends Company Ltd is a multifaceted private tourist business Venture.  It is committed to providing visitors to the Kingdom of Tonga with quality tourist products designed to maximize the tourist enjoyment of their Tonga experience and also to make a genuine contribution to the local community and tourism in Tonga.

Where to find us?

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